Stay away from the wrong choice of jeans, seconds, long legs, fairies

In the spring, jeans naturally became the first choice for girls. Although I often wear jeans, when I buy jeans, many girls still fall into some small misunderstandings. I know that jeans are the perfect tool to modify the leg shape, so as long as you can learn to avoid these misunderstandings, wear jeans with long legs. The dream is no longer far away.

Miscellaneous 1: Light-colored jeans are even thinner. The correct point of view: If you want to be thin, you can’t wear a light-colored cowboy, but instead use a white denim instead.

Courtney Cox gave us a personal demonstration of the correct wearing of white jeans. Compared to the light-colored denim, this white denim will look thinner and straighter legs, and the deliberate whitening effect attracts the visual The focus, so it is often easy to achieve the goal of slimming.

Miscellaneous 2: Loose jeans can both cover the meat and be thin. The correct point of view: the tight jeans are the real way to become tall and thin.

Heidi Montag’s micro-rare jeans are one of the popular trends in the past two years. The appropriate tightening design at the thigh is conducive to Tibetan meat. The loose design at the calf is conducive to revealing the body and sneak a pair of high heels to ensure that You seem to be a ten centimeter tall.

Mission 3: Loose bf jeans can cover the meat and can be high. The correct point of view: bf jeans will pull down the waist line, so that the legs look shorter, in order to show leg length, you have to wear high-rise jeans.

Nicole Richie, who is less than 160, is not terribly bad when wearing bf jeans. After all, the temperament is there, but for ordinary girls, this five-fifth body is not good at all, although loose The trouser legs can block a lot of meat, but also lower the height.

Myth 4: The color of jeans can be chosen casually. The correct point of view: the color of the jeans should be as close as possible to the color of the shoes, because the color of the trousers will make your legs look thinner and straighter.

Many girls always choose the color of their jeans with their own personal color preferences, but I don’t know if this habit will break their own legs. Such a cowboy with ankle boots, invisibly let the legs grow a lot, so simple to wear, it is not difficult for you to learn.

Myth 5: Don’t care about the position of the jeans pocket. The correct point of view: pockets under the hips of the jeans will visually lower the attention of the person, so do not choose jeans with too low pockets.

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