Denim creates a different style for men and women。

Denim came from U.S. The first denim jacket was created in the middle of the 19th century. In the gold rush, businessman levis strauss thought out an idea of using unsalable canvas to make durable cargo pants. Over time, denim items are more fashionable than functional. Cut is the key craft.

Athleisure denim is dynamic. Sportswear and denim are merged together in different ways which are novel.

Piecing is common in denim. This season, two-part piecing updates the palette.

Patches are directional and bold. Fragmented denim in different sizes and colors are reorganized to add a youthful vibe. The adding of other materials enrich denim garments.

The inside-out design offer a heavy washing effect and accentuate new piecing. Designers seek different colors on denim. Bold cut forms a inside-out effect. Letters on outside pockets are eye-catching.

Bold cut can be applied to denim. Multi-layer deconstruction, mismatched pieced jackets and misplaced closures are exaggerated and bold.

Splits on the knee, zippers, tattered holes and tapes for adjusting, with loose silhouettes, create a unisex style.