How to make a generation of Levi’s jeans on a global scale.

Levi’s is one of the world’s largest clothing companies, and the Chinese name is Levi’s. Levi’s jeans have a strong brand awareness among customers, not only because of the good quality of the products, but also because of its excellent corporate culture. Therefore, many of Levi’s products can be sold to advantage and can bring good profits. In this article, I will introduce some of Levi’s well-known products, and then evaluate whether a generation of Levi’s jeans is feasible?


The characteristics of Levi’s jeans

As we know, Levi’s is known for its denim products among customers, and most customers like Levi’s products, which means they have a strong brand awareness of Levi’s. In addition, Levi’s also launched a series of denim, such as Levi’s 501, Levi’s 507 and so on. All of these denim products have their own design and historical stories, which is why many customers still like to buy a specific series even after Levi’s launches a new product. In this part, I will list some of Levi’s world-famous denim suits, which can also be used for a global business.

Levi’s jeans recommended by a generation

1.501 classic series

Of all Levi’s products, 501 has a long history. The 501’s design has evolved over the years and the most classic design is a button design rather than a zipper. At the same time, as the product picture shows Levi’s products. We can clearly see that the 501 Classic series is divided into five types of products, including pencil pants, thongs, retro pants, tights and shorts. The 501 classic series should be outdated because it follows the trend of the clothing and retains the old-fashioned design. Due to its long history and culture and trendy design, Levi’s 501 Classic Audit should be one of Levi’s best-selling products.

2.525 jeans series

This is a pair of straight jeans, we can understand that the 525 series jeans are designed for female customers. Its zipper design and higher waist make it look different from other denim products. At the same time, the 525 series of jeans is easy to wear, which is why it is attractive to female customers.

3.T-shirt with Levi’s classic logo

Levi’s not only sells denim products, especially jeans, but also sells t-shirts, shoes and sweaters. The product image below is one of Levi’s classic well-known products, which is a t-shirt with a classic brand identity. As you can see, these t-shirts are usually available in two colors, black and white. Black and white can be easily styled with jeans, which is why Levi’s makes simple color tops. A classic t-shirt with a brand logo should be one of the best-selling products, especially when it comes to attracting new customers, both male and female.


The pros and cons of a Levi’s product


A, high quality products
As we know, denim is one of the most solid raw materials for making garments, especially jeans. However, as a unique design and technical solution for handling hard textures, Levi’s denim is more flexible and not easily deformed even after many years.

B, brand awareness
Levi’s has a loyal customer base in the world who have a strong brand awareness of Levi’s products. Strong brand awareness enables Levi’s to maintain higher sales after the launch of new products.


A, cottage products
Cottage products are a problem that world-renowned brands, including Levi’s, are afraid to face. We may understand that because this is a violation, all cottage products will destroy various markets. Retailers may not find it easy to find suppliers that offer certified products.

B. Intense competition among retailers
As we know, Levi’s products are well known all over the world, and there should be strong competition among retailers to produce Levi’s products.

What are the alternatives in the denim market?

According to Stastata’s statistics, from 2012 to 2017, the global retail sales of jeans will increase, and by 2021, this number is expected to increase to 129.8 billion. It is believed that in the future development, denim products can still achieve profitability on a global scale, but it is difficult for retailers to deal with Levi’s products without sufficient funds and investment. Therefore, in this section, I will list a platform for sales and a denim product, which has higher sales and profit margins.


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