Polish your eyes and pick good things, don’t miss out on denim wide-leg pants

It is said that the T-shirt denim is a label of youth, and it can be changed invariably. The jeans that are comfortable and simple-oriented also experience changes from tight to slim and relaxed, and then change together, and after intense and impassioned The state of “Buddha” gradually relaxed, no matter how the trend is going, with these good things to accompany you, you can not wait for the flow of the year.

[Street shot display:]

Veronika Heilbrunner’s T-shirt jeans have ingenious details in the casual style. The slogan short-sleeved T-shirt has a zippered turtleneck shirt. The short and long inside is a layered and worn personality. The lower body is a straight line of trouser legs. Unrelenting, lace-up shoes and old flower bags are decorated with literary retro, the details can withstand the scrutiny of the show.


Sofie Valkiers’s color-matched white shirts and wide-leg pants are a set of sleek, stylish and full-featured. The pointed high-heeled shoes are stretched in the long trousers, and the red handbag contrasts with the blue. The shape is bright and vibrant.

Anya Ziourova’s wide-leg jeans highlights the color of the trousers and the gold-plated placket. The blue denim and the chocolate brown sweater form a contrasting color. The hem is placed in front of the hem, and then the blue suede brogue is used to extend the lower body line. Plus exposed ankles, there is a good proportion of flat shoes.

Sara Donaldson is a slightly fat pear-shaped figure, so it is very important to choose the pair of pants. This is a simple and easy to learn style with a black top and wide-leg jeans. The simple black shoe bag and the top coat echo, and the whole is clean and neat.

The trousers have a gradient of blue stripes, which makes the simple wide-leg pants rich and flexible. The length of the pants is high and the high waist line and high heels. The ratio and the gas field rise straight.

Wearing wide-leg pants in summer is very comfortable, and denim wide-leg pants with sleeveless white T, straw hat, canvas bag and strap flat shoes have a holiday feeling. The side contrast color stitching has the effect of horizontal thinning and longitudinal extension. friend.

Olivia Culpo’s white polka-dot strapless top with wide-leg denim shorts is sexy, white shoes and tops echo, wide-leg shorts contract summer sexy long legs and cool fashion.

Simple and natural is a timeless concept. The natural material gives the wardrobe a soft and pure, indigo cotton denim. The natural beauty of the denim touches the heartstrings for a second. The faint literary atmosphere is scattered, and the front pleats help to gather. The waistline, wide trousers and side slits and bows decorate the details to make it unique.

It’s not hard to find that the most friendly and highly accepted styles and styles of all kinds of body are all exposed to the ankles. There is no limit to 799 points. The near-straight version is not only inclusive, but also can modify the straight legs. It looks very light, and it is very eye-catching with a simple white shirt lazy shoes.

For the black and white gray simple style, denim blue is a versatile blending agent, which will make the styling more refreshing and fresh. The hem of the trousers is rich in visual layers and highlights the fashionable highlights, making the shape simple and practical.

Compared with the highly damaged holes, the burrs seem to be more and more popular. The waist and the hem have the details of the burrs. They look like three-dimensional and soft and lovely. At the same time, the high waist line and the fine ankle are emphasized. Will not be eclipsed.

The strength of the high-waist wide-leg pants that can emphasize both the small waist and the long legs can not be underestimated. The short tops and the wide-leg trousers are short and long-term, which reveals that the abdominal muscles are more divided, even if only a small one is left. Sew or put the smock on the waistband, the proportion and the momentum are the same.

The length, length, thickness and thickness of these elements are not monotonous, so that the aesthetic features are clear, the high waist and long legs can enlarge the proportion of the lower body, and the covered ankles are compensated by the light waist and the extended toe. .

In the spring and summer when the dressing level is reduced, the requirements for the details of the single product will be much higher. The design will be outstanding to show the sharp personality. The pants are large in the middle of the blue, and the trousers are spliced in light blue and dark blue, and the details are rich in layers. The match is also completely unconventional.

Fringed jeans are smart and playful, and roll up to reveal red stitching to add a bright spot to the styling. No matter whether it is rolled up or put down, it will not be monotonous and boring. Elegant and unconstrained, free and easy, one trousers and two styles are optional. Times.

The two fashionable elements of the waist and the trousers are gathered, and the height is thin and the two hands are grasped. The details of the waist and the hem of the hem are highlighted. These two points should not be buried. Do not bury the high proportion and the wonderful waist design when wearing. Go in, choose simple and refreshing shoes, and walk in the legs.

Embroidery elements are beautiful and artistic, and the vivid flower blossom scene is fixed on the trousers. Time seems to slow down. Walking like a step by step, there is a sense of freedom, with other simple and light items to reflect its Beautiful and natural.

The two-color longitudinal stitching of the trouser legs is very slim, and the pleated high waist hides the waist and belly meat invisible and is very age-reducing. The loose micro-striped trousers cover the calves and the ankles, and the various slings are lively and high-spirited. Putting it down can also reveal the rate and shape.

Hot to doubt the cool summer of life, there are not many requirements for wearing. The waist and hips and the leg length are the strengths of the wide-leg shorts. They can meet the basic needs of coolness and slimming. For those who are not perfect, it is simply Spike other styles of hot pants, and versatile and fashionable have been online.