Cowboys are not only fashionable, but also novel and interesting.

On the days of spring rain, the denim clothes bring a hint of clarity to life. The denim items are used in the styling. They are not only handsome, but also can balance the items that are too flamboyant or serious, and appreciate the set of domineering and temperament. Mix and match the street beat, master the difficult posture, and the low difficulty naturally comes to you.


This body has a white and caramel color two-piece shirt stack, and BF denim jacket and horn nine-point jeans set, sunglasses, silk scarves, bags color echo, booties close, even a few years ago, still look perfect.


If the denim suit is equipped with canvas shoes, it is still unusual. The hooded down jacket is unexpected. The clothes, pants and shoes are consistently high and the overall feeling is strong. It looks youthful and advanced.

If the upper body is slim, the denim jacket is buckled and worn, and the denim wide-leg pants are used to modify the lower body line. The pointed boots, which are known for their sexy enchanting, are also calmed down by the denim. The pants are long and the boots are docked and pants. The wide and narrow contrast of the shoes is high and thin, and the warm color socks that light up the eyes are connected to the gaps, and the health system is stylishly released.

Chiara Ferragni, tweed stitching denim is already the fashion focus. The printed letters and waist bags on the white shirts are all echoed with the sleeves. It is an example of careful matching. The contrast between blue and purple powder is not uncommon. Very young girl, then use the dark green velvet sandals to play against the color and retro, the sense of style is even higher.

The fashion circle favors a unique design. Whether it is a jacket or a skirt, as long as there is a superior design point, it can be stable and stealth. The fresh color combination of the ribbon color matching shirt and the irregular skirt is consistent with the overall sense of the overall design. Not low, together with the fighting force to open.

Monica Ainley, adding a denim jacket between the knit skirt and the coat, there is a breathing space between the calm and understated dark tones, coupled with cotton socks, and youthful breath.

Sydney Resort 2018, set of simple denim inside the denim, wearing a dark denim long coat is very fan, the patent leather short boots trending, a blue and cool cool.

Practical denim jacket, start early:

In the new year, all kinds of gorgeous winds are still everywhere. Pearls and gauze are easy to win the favor of fairies. The texture is not too much. It is surrounded by white pearls along the collar and cuff pockets. It is simple and charming. Soft and easy to play more natural.

Pearl, geometric metal, tassels and straps are decorated in black and white, low-key blended in dark denim, not too sturdy but full of personality, point and line combination is very interesting, bright line decoration outlines the body, The retro neutral denim jacket is a bit more sophisticated.

Workwear style denim jacket, open to wear is a windbreaker with waist and hips, and the belt is casual and rigorous. Official leisure is worth having. It uses a different layer of blue to create the same color style, which is high-grade and artistic. The youthful sweater inside can highlight the trend.

Play and splicing the wind, powder and blue are the most convenient and convenient, pink tweed and blue denim collide at the high waist line to catch the line of sight, a little funny and organic wisdom, hole cats, pink color matching to create a soft and soft The effect of wearing a personality tone with an eclectic piece is a very important thing in this spring.

Shirts and skirts, highlights are more eye-catching:

Ordinary models of denim shirts are not much to mention, can be bought at any time and are very durable, look at the new style with a little design, fresh feeling is worthy of this new season, striking red piping and small letters Embroidery is eye-catching and provides direct inspiration for retro red and blue.

Collision between casual denim and business stripes, there is a small breakthrough in the middle of the rules, not too casual or too deliberate, to bring some relaxed feeling to the rigorous workplace dress, with leather pencil skirt, material collision to upgrade the shape, open Buckle into a V-neck accessory to add a touch of eye, from work to leisure, both stylish and decent.

The ladylike bow can also be used on the neutral wind denim. The denim blue and dark light have their own taste. The light-colored casual tooling is more intense. The dark color is more pure and retro, and the feeling is very good with the bow. Dark blue, black are very good, cool and handsome and elegant and playful.

Ordinary denim skirts have been seen a lot, classic models have also been, an unforgettable design sense skirt is not easy, it will make the styling personality unique, enhance the clothing is obvious, the latest trends and explosions are often breaking Surprisingly in the routine, it is only a matter of time from surprise to stunning.

Jeans, different pants type for different leg types:

The wide-leg trousers are slim and high, and they can hide the autumn trousers when they are cold. They can walk and wind all the year round. The advantages are many intimate partners. The length of the legs, the trouser legs and the waistband are added to the raw edge design, easy to wear. Degree and fashion are rising a lot in a moment, when choosing the tops and shoes, pay attention to the contrast of the silhouette, and the thinness can get twice the result with half the effort.

Pencil/straight pants are one of the most classic trousers. They are much more friendly than the leggings that are completely exposed to the legs. They have a uniform straight leg effect, and the irregular burr cuts and stitches of the trousers move forward, which visually helps to gather and The extended legs are full of fashion, and the gradient wash in the pocket is not a small personality highlight.

The flared pants have the most retro style. The nine-point micro-pull pants are relatively friendly to the calf. The stitching line in the middle of the pants has a good visual segmentation effect, which can help to be tall and thin. When matching shoes and socks, try to be the same color to reduce the leg lines. The lateral partitions are used to achieve the best effect of the legs.

Harlan/radish pants style casual and casual, pants and bell-bottoms are just the opposite, can help hide the flesh of the buttocks and thighs, highlight the slender legs, the shoes are also very tolerant, tough and feminine can be accepted, laced with flowers The high waist also has a strong decorative effect, and the basic models are also stylish.

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