All styles can be mastered! Stealing a fashion blogger: How to wear jeans + Converse to be sophisticated and handsome?

For the highest level of wear, not all brands or popular items are put on the body, but ordinary, basic items can be worn out without any effort, and have the most Effortless fashion sense. If you talk about this combination, perhaps it is a pair of jeans with a pair of Converse canvas shoes, but how can we put this combination out of different styles, together with these street fashion bloggers to steal the teacher!

converse and jeans women street style

Jeans and Converse are two items that are essential for every girl’s wardrobe and shoe cabinet. However, it is not everyone’s ability to wear self-style. The simpler the item, the harder it is to match. The most basic method of dressing is to use the style of transforming the upper body to match. The tailoring and pattern of different jeans are also very important, which can create a casual, formal and temperamental effect.

converse and jeans women street style

For example, if you choose a white shirt on your upper body and a slim tailored Mom Jeans, it will not be too casual. Even if you wear it to work, it will not be too casual. Instead, you will have more handsome sense of skill and you will be able to match the upper body. Paired with the color of the shoes, a white T-shirt with white canvas shoes, easy to show fresh temperament, can also add a dark coat to embellish, so that the overall simplicity, but remember to keep the mix as much as possible, Otherwise, it will be self-defeating and lose the taste.

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