Fashion is as simple as wearing black and white T+ jeans this summer.

Still worrying about what to wear in the summer~ Simple and fashionable T-shirt + jeans are indispensable.

The black and white theme is a classic forever, and it can also be used on T-shirts. Black and white T-shirts with washed jeans have always been popular in summer..

Don’t think about the mismatches in too many collocations like a colorful T-shirt. Black and white T-shirts are accurate.

Black T+ washed jeans

XI Mengyao appeared in a black slim letter T, with a hole in the washed tight jeans and small white shoes, simple atmosphere.

Li QIn black pattern T is simple and cute, with loose color matching jeans, handsome and stylish. Baseball cap + canvas shoes are simple and atmospheric.

Qiao Xin appeared in the street in black sequined letter T, black short boots with fringed jeans, street fashion.

Zhang Tianai black letter Slim T with light blue washed jeans, easy casual, baseball cap + sunglasses, low-key simplicity.

The shape of the inch head appears, the pattern prints black T with blue studded high-waist jeans, handsome value max.

Dressed in a black letter T, with 9 points of jeans, simple slim, good figure.

White T+ washed jeans

Liu Wen is a minimalist, so she can be seen in white T+ jeans, loose white T with the same loose boyfriend washed jeans, plus a pair of light-colored sneakers.

Song Qian and Yang Zi used the same matching method in this match, white T + fisherman hat + jeans, quite age-matching.

Melting in Mao Xiaotong’s sweet and sunny smile, simple and bright white T with jeans, this is the first love girl!

Different temperament can make white T+ jeans wear different feelings. The slightly mature Wang Ou and Lan Yingying can perfectly interpret what is simple intellectuality. The same white T+ jeans, the taste that is emitted from them is not the same.

In the European and American street shooting, the quality of Kendou is high, and the simple white T+ jeans can wear a different sense of high quality.

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