Unlock Nonchalance Clothing Collocation of Women’s Denim

fashion demin

Denim is one of key fabrics for S/S 2020 mood industry theme fabrics, and it still continue to prevail in A/A 20/21. Layering and piecing renew denim.

fashion demin

Denim can be paired with trench coat fabrics or puffa fabrics, which is novel and impressive. Check shirts and scarves are best options.

fashion trend demin

Last season, denim was combined with plush which was only functional. In this season, plush is used in a large scale. It is functional and decorative. The exaggerated looks can express bold attitudes.

Plush and Denim

Layering gains traction currently. In this season, short skirts or shorts are teamed up with pants. Layering is accentuated. Casual T-shirts or sweatshirts are good matches to show a street “cool girl” style.

Mock-Layer Skirt Pants

The mock-layer effects and piecing of different materials accentuate waist. T-shirts and knitwear can create a nonchalant style.

Two-Waist Jeans

Small-scale denim is mainly applied into mid-length puffa jackets. Easy-to-wear and cosy qualities are underlined. Pleated check skirts feel vibrant. Plain wide-leg pants show a stylish feminine feel.

Denim Puffa Jacket

Patch-like fabrics on denim are creative. Postmodernism is continued on pared-back silhouettes. Cropped looks can be matched with bright inner layers and sporty pants, which present a street style favored by Gen Z. Long-line looks can be matched with T-shirts and sheer skirts, which shows a dark and deconstruction style.

Patches and Tattered Holes

With the rising of punk rock, denim items are getting more popular. In A/W 20/21, practicality and exaggerated looks are accentuated for denim. Directional and practical looks should be recommended.

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