Jeans don’t match the shoes, and these 4 shoes are more eye-catching.

Jeans street style shoes 2019

Jeans with white shoes seem to be the designated action, although the trend of white shoes is still there, but it seems that more I.t shoes have emerged this season! In fact, the way of matching jeans is ever-changing, and different styles of shoes will look more fashionable and fresh!

Jeans wear 1: Kitten Heels


In the early seasons, Chanel’s Slingback shoes and Dior’s Kitten Heels screamed after the whirlwind. It is hard to be popular. The 1.5-inch to 2-inch high-heeled shoes are the most comfortable height, suitable for girls who want to be tall and don’t want to work too hard.


Jeans wear 2: Sandals


When I came to the summer, I suddenly remembered the trend of raw slippers. Especially the classic sandals of Birkenstock have recently been highly exposed. The lazy style contrasts with the well-matched jacket. This contrast is the favorite of the hipsters.


Jeans wear 3: White shoes


Once again, the white shoes are definitely the hottest season, and you can successfully put your styling highlights on the shoes, and match the spring with more vivid wear, very fresh.

Jeans wear 4:Animal Printed


The animal prints are also the evergreen models. After the white shoes, they are the most popular. They are used as a pair of jeans to bring out the extravagance.

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