Shirt and Jeans Collocation for Fashion Women

In the new fashion circle, the trend update speed is very fast. Many of the “Net Red” items that look very popular at the moment are ultimately just a short-lived test. The simpler, the more often it becomes a timeless classic. Like shirts and jeans, it is able to last for a long time in the wave of fashion waves, and it will always exude a temperament and elegance.

Shirts + jeans are also a standard combination in the most popular “French style”. Nothing more effortlessly, you can help you to have the temperament of fashion bloggers, and truly “deaf” invisible.

Shirts + jeans wearing trips

1. Creating a V-neck is the key

The deep V-neck is one of the typical features of French style, and the V-neck shirt is the favorite of French women. It can not only show the lazy romantic charming, but also visually stretch the neck line to create a charming swan neck.

Of course, when we are in daily collocation, we don’t need a non-V-neck shirt. Whether it’s an existing stand-up collar or a lapel shirt, as long as you can loosen the top two buttons to create a V-neck look, the French style will immediately come to you.

If you want to further highlight your personality, you can also pull your shirt collar apart to create an irregular strapless effect. Show off the shoulders and clavicle, it will look sexy and eye-catching.

2. Make good use of accessories

In the French women’s wear, the minimalist white shirt + jeans appearance rate has always been the highest. The key to distinguishing them from passers-by is the clever use of accessories.

Just like a golden pendant necklace, it can be regarded as a standard for every French girl. With a simple white shirt + jeans, you can immediately enhance the sense of style and exquisiteness with its embellishment.

This stack of necklaces will make you more stylish and eye-catching.

The combination of V-neck shirt + silk scarf is also beautiful, and it is just a few elegant and sexy.

In the summer, you can also use straw bags and straw shoes to match, fresh and natural lazy French LOOK easy to get!

3. Shirt style selection

In addition to the usual basic shirts, French women’s favorite shirt styles include floral or wavelet dot print shirt, which carries retro and romantic to the end.

This wrap-around shirt is also a good thing for them which is adding a bit of lazy and casual fashion.

Of course, the interpretation of the retro style is inseparable from the retro-style shirts. The so-called retro style shirt refers to a shirt with classic court elements such as square collar, puff sleeves and pleated lace. Mixing them with jeans is especially amazing.

If you prefer a minimalist fashion style, just make a change on the fabric of the shirt. Like this silk satin shirt and jeans, you can create an intellectual and elegant femininity that makes your look “very expensive.”

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