These 3 jeans are outdated! Instead, the style that has been popular until next year is ⋯⋯

Although jeans are a long-lasting item in the fashion world, there are always different denim trends in each season. It is like starting a few seasons, the narrow-leg jeans are popular, and the girls have changed into wide-leg jeans. Come to 2019, you know What styles of jeans are still out? Instead, what styles will be popular until next year? Want to catch up with the trend, come see this this time, check your wardrobe!

1. Cropped Jeans → Long Jeans

I believe that many girls are still wearing crooped jeans with a length in the ankle position. Although the ankle has a slimming effect, the original denim card has gradually become popular. Now popular is long jeans, the length of the pants should be covered to the upper, even longer!

2. Denim Shorts → Bermuda Denim Shorts

It has been popular until next year, and this trend has also blown into the jeans world. Bermuda denim shorts have become the most exposed jeans in the street this summer. In addition to fashion, Bermuda denim shorts can perfectly cover the flesh of the thigh. Straight leg-cutting has a slim effect, so it is time to put away those short and sexy denim shorts and replace them with long pants. Bermuda denim shorts!

3. Mid-rise cropped jeans → Ultra-high-rise jeans

I believe everyone knows that low-waist jeans have been retired, but the jeans with the mid-waist style are being eliminated. And replace it with ultra-high waist jeans! In recent seasons, the jeans industry has been blowing retro style. In addition to the popular indigo blue and wide-cut tailoring in the 1990s, this season will push the retro craze again. The high-waist jeans of the 1990s will officially return, and the trend will continue until next year. .